26 September 2005

just like heaven part two

LIL KIM is convinced that BIGGIE SMALLS is the reason she's in the slammer. Yes, you read that right. Kim believes that Biggie has altered her life from beyond the grave because she never trusted his judgment of those who surrounded her. In other news, The Naked Truth is dropping like it is too hot without ovenmits tomorrow. I am ever so riding with Kim.

In other news from beyond the grave, JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT is convinced that she saw a man staring at her in her shower. Not only did she see him, but she was convinced that he had a crush on her. This occurrence came shortly after she visited an exorcist in research for her role on Ghost Whisperers.

If good ol' Jenny took advice from our favorite pimper of rides XZIBIT, she's probably living too luxuriously...because aliens and ghosts don't fuck with the hood.

I was walking with a ghost,
Joe John

1 comment:

Lil' Kim said...

Thanks for riding with me! And yes, Biggie totally sent me to jail! I <3 him! Which ghost were you walking with? Who's Jennifer Love Hewitt?