27 September 2005

junior senior

Okay, this is just gross. Not only is the Donald married to a woman 24 years his junior, but now they're also going to have a junior. Melania Trump (I don't recall her name being so wack, bt-dubs) will pop out Trump's fifth child sometime this spring, assuming that she keeps up with her strict, Donald-enforced Botox regimen.

Oh, and from the looks of it Google is 7 years-old today.

Happy Birthday to the search-engine of our lives. Soon you won't think girls have cooties.

To be alone with me you went up on the tree,


mell said...

justy- i am traumatized by the breakup of kathy griffin and her husband. He was so cute with his dieting and protectiveness and the like on "D-List" Luckily, I had Trent's liberal use of the word "Dunzo" to keep me warm at night. I love Laguna wayyyyy too much

PS Alex's "hygiene problems" are vag odor. Casey told me.

Justin said...

I totally just blogged about Kathy and then read your comment....and I'm not going to lie: I'm not too sad.

Andrea said...

I am so into "dunzo" too.

Nat said...

My friend knows the Donald's son and says that his son has to like make appointments to talk to him. That is f'ed up and the Donald should not have more babies because they will be SO WEIRD.