12 September 2005

I got an unlimited american express card

If you are like me, your list of Wesleyan-related priorities goes like this: 1) Dancing 2) Film screenings, premieres, and elaborate multimedia extravaganzas 3) Dancing 4) Learning. And to glorious people like us, I present the following pieces of information:

Cornered and Kinetoscope at Film Fest New Haven 2005!

The online schedule isn't very helpful, so here's the story: Max and Adam's theses are both part of the opening night shorts program, Thursday September 22nd, 9:30-11pm and "Short Program IV" (teen scene?!) Friday September 23rd, 5:30pm. MGblatt, please report back on what the hell "Opening Night Filmmaker Hospitality" means.

Teen Homicide #2 premiere!

Monday, September 26, 8pm at UCB Theatre. We will be transporting as many people/votes as possible from the Middletown to the New York City. Let us know if you can donate your car to the cause (the cause mostly being Teen Homicide #3: Murder at 73 Home). Should I stay for Crash Test at 11 or go to my Tuesday 9am? Both?! Yes!

The Neo-Futurists holy cow!

I am soiling mis pantalones about Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. September 16-17, 8pm, CFA theater. 30 plays in 60 minutes. 8 totally justifiable dollars.

Buster Keaton + Synthesizers + Jack Reilly in a tweed blazer

If you come see The General in the film series on Wednesday, not only do you get amazing comedic action, but you get these dudes playing live, and a preview Dr. Schranz made for The Life Aquatic, Jules and Jim, and the midnight showing of Showgirls. It's our last night together before everyone stops coming to the Wednesday cinemas because of reality television and beer.

Oh yeah and The Management and Of Montreal on Tuesday. Woooaaaaawwwoaaaww!

i love you but i'm not in love with you,

p.s. I'm going to leave this link up until Jess yells at me! DM Callbaxxx


goldblatt said...

I think that Opening Night Filmmaker Hospitality is the place where the filmmakers go to be welcomed and maybe get Nutrigrain bars and bottles of water as well.
I leave Wesleyan and suddenly there's Neo-Futurists, live scores for silent films, cool Film Series trailers and Jess Lane communicating with everyone via videofone?

Joe John said...

Jess makes foreignors adorable again!

Katey Rich said...

Max, is Jess's accent not a variation on something I saw you do that was funny that one time?

Driving to New Haven + Driving to New York + Hurricane Katrina gas disaster = funny friends get expensive all of a sudden. But so worth it.

Tuesday 9 a.m.'s holler back!

goldblatt said...

Ms. Rich. Don't you know? Everything that we assume to be funny now is a variation on something I did that was funny that one time. If I attempted that accent now, it cease to be funny. I am now, and heretofore shall be, merely the shadow of a fossil of foreshadowed funnies passed.

Andrea said...

Joe John - At long last, we meet...I'll be at the Of Monty / MGMT show tonight. You'll recognize me by my white cowboy boots...oh wait, the show is at Eclectic? You'll recognize me by how indestinguishable I am from the rest of the crowd. And the pink carnation in my lapel, or peering coyly from beneath my skirt.