29 September 2005

hey, it could happen

I'm not going to lie to you nice folks: I write on this blog so that I can be discovered by VH1. And I don't mean that I want to be hired as the dude who writes pop-ups for Pop Up Video(which should be resurrected btdubs): I want to be a talking head, a fundit. Now it seems as if someday, somewhere, somehow this dream could become a reality. Why? Because this weekend VH1 will incorporate their first professional (?) blogger into Best Week Ever. Best of luck, Trent, and don't screw it up for the rest of us!

One step for Trent, one giant leap for blogger-kind,


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Joe John said...

I think it's kind of gay that out of all people they chose him. Literally...HOMOSEXUAL.

Andrea said...

Guys - Ultragrrrl. It already happened.

mell said...

i thought that thingy on the bottom was to stop evil little blog monsters that comment telling you about free online poker or...FREE IPODS.

PS Yogurt is yumsters