28 September 2005

guess who's legal...

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Happy 18th Birthday HilDuff!

Let's bet on what comes next...
  • Graduation from tween roles to adult roles
  • Posing in Playboy
  • New, sexy album
  • Details about her sex life with JOEL MADDEN.
  • Lesbian porn with HAYLEY DUFF
  • Cocaine
In conclusion, will Hilary keep the good girl image, or go slut it up like Lindsay?

To the beat of my heart,
Joe John


Justin said...

Lesbian porn + cocaine = my life

mellary puff said...

or the REAL reason why she got those veneers...

like maybe she grinds her teeth at night!!!!! SCANDEL CITY

Anonymous said...

i swear if the olsen twins had a triplet, she would be hilary duff.