05 September 2005

gimme some new shit.

Are you ready for this? Are you ready? Yes? I don't believe you! Ok, so maybe I do.

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I know some of our readers are Junior Senior fans, so why not give you a little bit of the new stuff...
Junior Senior- Take My Time

If you're still stuck on "Lovefool" wondering "what ever happened to The Cardigans?"...please note that they're still around and will be releasing this single shortly. I really really love it and it's very very different from what some of you may remember The Cardigans to be.
The Cardigans- I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to be Nicer

For the hip-hop heads...or those of us who love really ridiculous dirty songs with very little substance, feel free to check out Shawnna'a new single. You may remember Shawnna from such classics as Ludacris' (the Dr. Seuss of our time) "What's Your Fantasy?" Well, now she has a song about getting head that has absolutely nothing to do with getting head. Listen to the verses...Is it just me, or is the chorus entirely for the wrong song??? Shawnna...where is your consistency!?!?
Shawnna- Gimme Some Head (Explicit)
Shawnna- Gimme Some (Clean)

For the emo kids, here's a new track from The Juliana Theory. It's a bit intense if you're the kind of person who grew to like them through Emotion is Dead. Still...it's definitely something you can rock out alone to on a stressful day. I promise...And yes, I did listen to the Juliana Theory in my emo days. Get over it!
The Juliana Theory- We Make the Road By Walking

I never really got into My Morning Jacket, but this is a little somethin' from their upcoming release...
My Morning Jacket- Anytime
Kudos to ben for many of these links...

I really wanted to see the new Franz Ferdinand video, but the link on shitparade didn't work...oh poop! Thankfully, I found a downloadable link on stereogum. The first comment says that "It's good to see them showing something that resembles personality". I totally agree.
Franz Ferdinand- Do You Want To (Video)

The new Grandaddy CD Excerpts from the Diary of Toddzilla not only has the best title in life, but also sounds like it's going to be awesome...
Grandaddy- Pull the Curtains

I totally can't wait for the new Michael Lohan single!

Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls,
Joe John


Andrea said...

But but but - I just tested the link, it does so work!! Are you on a Mac or some biz?

goldblatt said...

Made exclusively for Joe John:
Harry Potter iPod!

Justin said...

Damn you, Goldblatt! I was going to post about that 'pod. Whatever, I still may.

goldblatt said...

all yours. it's much more suited for totes than for shit parade.

Andrea said...

Max: Don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again.

goldblatt said...

apologies godather...