27 September 2005

crack is wack, jack

Michael Jackson, a rapper? Wow. I don't even know what to do with this one. Daily Mail reports that MJ is planning to re-image himself as a "booty-chasing" rapper with a "harder sound". Does he really think he can go from rapping children to rap? In related news, Jackson has legally changed his name to R. Kelly.

Sex in the kitchen over by the stove,


Joe John said...

I think the hugest contradiction in this article is the fact that he is going from booty-chasing rapper and then "oh yeah he is also going to write a charity song".

Katey Rich said...

I really wonder what Kanye thinks of this... I mean, Michael Jackson is a black guy making black music, but... he's Michael Jackson. Whatever, we can probably be sure that George Bush doesn't care about him either.