26 September 2005

country grammar

It seems that these days, anyone remotely famous can get a reality television show. The question is...what's the allure? Well, if you take note of NEWLYWEDS, the hit show basically launched/re-launched the careers of both JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY. Now, Jessica has risen from the bottom of the original four 90s pop princesses (Jessica - Christina - Britney - Mandy) to the very tip-top. Nick has been approached to model for Abercrombie and Fitch.

But has anyone warned those who want to document their lives that sometimes it's NOT a good idea? Someone really should have told NELLY this when he decided to take his own dive into reality TV. Is he convinced that this show will re-launch his career to "Hot in Herre" status after mediocre performance with the double-album "Sweat" and "Suit". Someone needs to tell him that more music does not equal good music...even CHRIS CARRABBA from DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL knows this. More importantly, someone needs to sit Nelly down and see if he can handle Britney and K-Fed's truth.

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