22 September 2005

but now i know

...what the latest from my favorite 11 and 13 year old rockers will sound like. And no...I don't mean DAHV and JOJO.
I mean SMOOSH!!!
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ASYA (age 13) and CHLOE (age 11) have recently done a show for Spin Online in which they performed four songs from their first album She Like Electric. After three of these songs, they debuted two new songs and one of them featured Chloe on back-up vocals. Their sophomore album is supposedly more piano-driven and less "rock-y". Watch the videos! I never want them to grow up! OH, also JASON MCGERR, the drummer from DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE and mentor to the girls since they became a band, showed up for the show. I totally wish I was still in middle school so I could go to school with these girls.

Cause maybe you should be a little happier,
Joe John

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