22 September 2005

and start getting REAL

An ONTD contributor shows that not even a Cat 5 hurricane can stop The
Real World

The new season of The Real World is filming in Key West, but they
evacuated because of Hurrican Rita and have come up to West Palm Beach for
a week. How did I find this out? They were at this gay club, Kashmir, in
West Palm last night... And I was there! I also got hit on by the gay cast
member, too! His name is Tyler and he's from Boston. He came up to me and
told me he thought I was cute and that he wanted to kiss me... I told him
that I didn't think he was cute and that I was sorry. He walked away and
proceeded yo slip on someone's spilt beer, and he fell flat on his ass.

The Real World: Key West,


Joe John said...

the way that you wrote this (had I not clicked the link) makes it sound like it's your life.

mell said...

haha i agree with JoJo. and when i did click on the link i thought "did i tell you my roommate this weekend WAS the bitch that poured beer on someone's weave?" It was hilllllllarious. I swear those girls cannot go out without having to be held back to avoid a fight.

shit, we have to type in a word now to post? party foul.