21 August 2005

Up In Smoke

This may be my last update for a few days as I'm about to make the trek back up to good ole Middletown and orient some children. I'll try to make this an experience to remember.

ONTD has posted the first photo of Madonna post-horse incident. Of course it was taken as she left London's Kabbalah Centre, because no one can mend broken bones and broken pride like G-d. The Queen of Pop also managed to beat out Paris, Jessica, Angelina, and LiLo for June's most Googled woman, according to Google Zeitgeist.

Oh, Eminem's being treated "for exhaustion" (read: an addiction to sleeping pills).

I don't know how I missed this one, but Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck attended Peachtree Presbyterian (scroll down) in da ATL last Sunday! (Thanks, Trent!) Who knew that they were religious? I guess they need all the help they can get with a baby that'll be 50% Ben. Either that or they wanted to be seen, seeing that Peachtree Pres is one of the largest Presbyterian churches in the world.

Speaking of Hotlanta, Cartel is amoung my favorite home-grown bands, and from what I've heard their new album Chroma is out of this world. Stream selections from The Leak on AbsolutePunk.net. That's an order!

You know Tom Sizemore, that dude from all of those war movies like Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, and Black Hawk Down? Well, the dude's got a porno site (obvi NSFW). (In retrospect, his name is hilariously ironic.) And if you're really curious, download the video preview. And when I say curious, I mean disgusting and that we are no longer friends.

In case you thought that Pam Anderson was sane, read this.

Thompson Memorial
It's raining man

Am I the only one who found Hunter S. Thompson's memorial creepy? I understand that he was an important dude/journalist, but why scatter his ashes via fireworks? I mean, that can't end well: what goes up must come down, people. I just get this mental image of Pompey, but with charred corpse-bits instead of volcanic ash.

Mase is probably joining G-Unit! And in related news, MTV.com is selling 50 Cent's book, From Pieces to Weight, for fiddy-percent off! It's only $11.fiddy!

I hope that you've all be watching Gene Simmons' Rock School on VH1 (or at least the first episode), because it's kinda amazing. Josh, aka "Emperor", is hilariously nerdy and awkward, and the kids are all so British. You really should watch this show: if only to see the tragic uniforms that these kids have to wear to school.

And lastly, I have an introduction for you: readers, meet Charlotte Church's boobies (NSFW). (Thanks, IDontLikeYouInThatWay.com)

Just like the Calgon commercial,


Janie Stolar said...

eminem's addiction to sleeping pills: confirm'd. a family friend is a technician in the hospital in michigan where emmy is staying. she drew his blood and said he was talking nonsense, but seemed nice despite his incoherance. i'm surprised he's addicted to sleeping pills. it seems like a strange addiction for a rapper?

Justin said...

I know! Aren't they supposed to be addicted crack, chronic, and hos?

Matt P. said...

i love that:
a) bennifer II was @ Peachtree Pres...thats CRAzy!
b) Ma$e (newly appointed minister, rite) is joining one of the most violence-promoting rap groups now. what's he gonna rap about? is he gonna use bad words? that'd be so confusing for his Sunday School Kids.
c) not only did u quote Mariah's newest hit, u ACTUALLY linked to the website. I applaud u, sir.