29 August 2005

of immediate importance

Let's hear it for old guys and underrated dance jams and Connecticut:

Saturday, October 1st at Eclectic.

The next night, Built To Spill are playing at Toad's Place in New Haven. I have a ticket and you have a spot in the car, assuming fewer than 4 people who read this want to relive the mid-90s we didn't actually grow nostalgic for until 2001. Clear your fucking weekend! Faster Gun! Time Trap!

October 6th is the Decemberists, also in New Haven. Here is a cute video of them and Death Cab covering "Go Your Own Way" at Summerstage.

(oh and Of Montreal and the MGMT are at Eclectic September 13th but you knew that.)


After last week's Sufjan show had ended and a king and queen of homecoming had been crowned, a strapping young man in a tuxedo shirt interviewed us for The Danielson Famile Movie. There's a trailer on the site.

Sufjan tunes:
Chicago- To String remix by JonGalloway
The Avalanche - Illinois iTunes exclusive
Kanye West vs. the Illinoisemakers = Zombies Walk!!!

such a good show. spirit fingers! banjos!

Today was freshman move-in day. I have a crush on Will Robinson. Also, Tim Hutton was in the office. You might know him as the narrator from 1981's smash, "Teenage Suicide: Don't Try It!"

One more superfluous IMDB link: THE CUTTING EDGE 2. thank god D.B. Sweeney found time for this project.

The Baxter came out on Friday, who saw it? Who had no idea that Michelle Williams left Michael Showalter for Heath Ledger? Who is noticing all the stolen Wet Hot bits on Stella? (did they really think they could recycle "I want you inside me"?)

The porch of 65 Lawn is more interesting than the internet,

p.s. in case you were wondering, according to Best Week Ever Live, Cold Stone Creamery is having the Best Week Ever. Too bad they had to discontinue Cake Batter due to salmonella outbreaks in four states. I guess some people might have died, but it gave me an excuse to talk to Aziz. We'll call it even.


tracy said...

the baxter is for baxters, baxter!

Andrea said...

The Baxter was super charming, and Justin Theroux is a demigod.