22 August 2005

Don't call it a comeback

It's true, I am a grown up with a house now (73 Home what). I haven't had time to do things like "blog" or "care about celebrities" or "set up my computer." This post is, therefore, coming at you from 70 Wyllys Avenue. I was going to upload some pictures of the apocalyptic construction happening on the new campus center, but damn is physical plant didn't one-up me with a LIVE CONSTRUCTO-CAM. Hilarious.

So I took a day off from admissions to move into my house, but I have to stop by to drop some keys off. When I show up, a dean is waiting to ask if I can give a tour of the film building. 1) I am sweaty and gross from moving 2) I am hardly qualified to give such a tour 3) it's for Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman. We're with one other family, and Danny Devito is wearing a Matilda baseball cap, and he ends up pretty much giving the tour himself. Gave us all an editing history lesson by playing with old strips from The Anatomist's Apprentice. He also had some great recipes. And that was that. And now:


A moment of synth silence: Robert Moog dead at 71. Will he ever really die as long as college students listen to Brian Eno and high school students watch Tron?

Let's play a game! It's called "what do these things have in common?" (links via Max, the world's best blogger without a blog):

1) Just Want You To Know, the new Backstreet Boys video
2) Do They Know it's Halloween?, which I can't even explain except to point you to the lyrics Features Beck, Thurston Moore, totes house band Smoosh, Karen O., Arcade Fire, David Cross, generic hypemachines etc. etc.

1) I can't tell if either one is for real
2) Addictive and ironic on a number of disturbing levels
3) Dance party floor-clearers
4) Both signs of the apocalypse, when tweens and hipsters become one

Nex Top Model is almost here: place your bets. Between Kim, So you think you can dance? (best) and the Gatekeeper, Wednesday nights are the new everything.

Hollertronix to kids holding it down recently on cobrasnake: Vagenius is Wes central, as expected. He's the new getting your friend to take a totally candid photo of you at a totally awesome party having a totally awesome time so you can put it up on the facebook and show your awesome friends. Don't ever stop soaking up each other's awesomeness, duders.

Ubiquitous Channel 101/102/UCB/VH1 talking heads news:

Shooting has wrapped on episode two of Teen Homicide, but the plot is hush hush for now. Slap bracelets?

Jess Lane met the Lonely Island guys (they make funny in LA) in New York a few weeks ago, and now they've all joined up at Saturday Night Live. Good for them, bad for our hope of a The 'Bu revival. But you know what? Ever since Yacht Rock, it's like nothing else on Channel 101 ever even existed.

Have you seen Yacht Rock? HAVE YOU FUCKING SEEN YACHT ROCK?! Keep the fire.

And now I am out of work and onto Metro North. First stop: Best Week Ever LIVE! at the UCB theater (wherein we continue our quest to close the deal on the Shutterbugs), followed by Sufjan Stevens. 'Predatory Wasp of the Palisades' is the new Toxic.

When I come back I'll have some mashups and random things and blah blah. Quittin time.

Eliza almost got to babysit for Richard Gere but then she didn't,


notjesslane said...

the lonely island guys have their own site: www.thelonelyisland.com

also PS: we have to start planningour wedding!

goldblatt said...

the fucking cobrasnake took so many pictures of me that night. did i end up on the interweb?
well... only the back of my head in one shot.
if it doesn't happen tonight, I'm going to steal his camera.

Justin said...

Yay! I've missed you so. And I've talked to soo many people about the new Backstreet Boys vid (my friends and I are really cool). You think they're punking America? Let's hope.

Meghan said...

whoa, I'm in the background. who knew.

our asses were all over that show tonight. cobrasnake gots to have picked up SOMEONE.

Andrea said...

I'd much prefer that you link the trouser snake pic where I look like a smack head lezzie peeemp:



Janie Stolar said...

hahahaha he had a matilda baseball cap on.

Andrea said...

Wait, there it is.