28 July 2005

The results are in

I would name some of the 30 or so Wesleyan kids who showed up to the Channel 102 screening on Monday, but I was too busy staring at Aziz and yelling at Eliza for not capitalizing on her chance meeting with Paul Scheer. Sorry. What I can tell you is that Teen Homicide had the best music, the loudest high-fives, and was the only new pilot to make it to the next screening (peace out, Jesus Christ Supercop). Also, Wesleyan kids are only 7 less funny than the Best Week Ever guys. Numbers don't lie:

Out of a record-high 177 ballots:

Shutterbugs 169
Teen Homicide 162
Gemberling 138
Purgatory 97
My Wife, the Ghost 84

Brad Logan, the Dolphin Prince 75
Jesus Christ Supercop 74
Punchy Pete 46
Couch Potatoe Nightmares 21
The Mighty Blowfish 19

Jess fucks shit up.

From the Channel 102 message board:
"Man, that was fucking funny. The crowd EXPLODED for it."
"You make rape adorable again."
"It kicked the shit out of everything."
"Fucking adorable underage kids." (TRUTH)
"Please release the theme song on mp3, preferably an extended version."
"Rape kit!"

Less awesome: Haley Joel Osment was on campus yesterday. The go fug yourself girls would have had a field day. I was more excited to see Kim last week, fresh off the plane from L.A., surrounded by the glow of her impending 15 minutes.

I know I guy at Snickers, I'll call him tomorrow,


Joe John said...

Um, Teen Homicide rating directly under Shutterbugs is the first step for all of Wesleyan to be fundits. Or at least that's my dream.

Justin said...

uhh....I just watched "Shutterbugs", and I've decided that you guys were robbed.

katie b said...

hey now, let's not get crazy.

"why don't you call us back... when you're not asian!"

notjesslane said...

that is so not truth! me and jon are of age! they think we're underage! OH MAN.

kathy said...

why was haley joel osment on campus?!