25 July 2005

A reminder!

From official totesumbrellas best girl ever, Jess Lane:

"Hey guys,

TODAY IS THE DAY. The long-awaited premiere of masterpiece "TEEN HOMICIDE" at the UCB Theatre. Remember to make reservations for tonight, to make sure you get seats. And as always it's recommended that you show up to the theater a little early.

You can make reservations at the ucbtheatre.com website at this link:

or call: 212 366 9176

Best way to get to the UCB by subway is the C or E to 23rd, or the 1 to 28th.

I'm really excited to see all of you there! And if you don't come for me,
come for Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel's "Shutterbugs." "

Round trip Metro North ticket: $26
Channel 102 screening: $5
Being there for the beginning of Jess and Jon's internet fame (and meeting Aziz?): ...$31.

I predict an all-star theme song singalong, so study up:

Started out in high school
Now we're solving crimes
A rock and roll teenage taskforce
For teenage homicides
We're teeeeeeen homicide
Teeeeeeen homicide (yeah).

Plus you can hear how Jess and I crashed a wedding in Chinatown last night,

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