10 July 2005


This weekend Matt, Cooper, and I went temporarily insane and decided to see Fantastic Four. I planned on writing a review that burned like 1000 STDs, and then I saw this: Fantastic Four stops Hollywood's box office slump. G-ddman I hate the world sometimes. Anyway, I'm all for ending the slump, but this is not the movie with which to do it. Let me clarify: DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. Though it does have some amazing lines like "That's my nose...these are my lips." and "Let's not fight. No, let's!" Ok, fine, see it for ironic pleasure, but if you see it and truly enjoy it, I'll punch you in the face. That's a promise, ho.

I hope that you all caught Live 8 when MTV/VH1 re-aired it this weekend. No commercials and full(er) sets makes me a happy cable viewer. For a rundown on why it sucked the first time around, read this. And in related news, Bob Geldof is in the running for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

Biggy, Biggy, Biggy, can't you see: sometimes your wrongful death suit just bores me.

Oh, and you should know that sending death threats to stars will get your ass thrown in jail. Especially if you have a "girlie crush" on Michael Douglas.

We gonna make you lose control,

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Joe John said...

Destiny's Child kind of sucked at Live8...and by DC, I mean Beyonce. I love her to death, but she sounded like shit on "Survivor" and "Say My Name". Kelly is SO MUCH better.

And I agree...I kept seeing those Biggie stories and just scrolled past them.