07 June 2005

pardon our dust

Sorry guys, it's just gonna have to look all phunked up until new design things get figured out. Please accept this as my humble apology:

Some comedian you've never heard of crushes on M.I.A., references Gawker, and embarasses Eugene Mirman all at once, instantly bringing about world peace.

Wear the pants they'll make you brave,

[EDIT: Admissions office data entry sucks until you get a college fair card filled out by Haley Joel Osment. Let's get this class of 2010 rumor mill started right. The unfortunate effects of puberty and Secondhand Lions: discuss?]


notjesslane said...


katie b said...

and your m.i.a. impression is so good, too. it's in the bag.

are we on totes at the same time?! text message to follow.

notjesslane said...

I might even blog on my own blog for no reason at all!!! WOOOOO! Aziz is way cute. I tihnk he might become my friendsly person. its a goal.

Katey said...

This, somehow, is even better than the Olsen twins rumor. If Haley Joel Osment were to show up on campus, I would stay another year to take Social Psych with him.

Joe John said...

Haha, Haley Joel Osment would be my facebook friend THE SECOND HE SIGNED UP...just so I could tell people I go to school with him.

Nat said...

Are we sure this was not just a joke name?

Joe John said...

Well, Wesleyan does have a well-known theater and film program. Haley could very well be pursuing it. BTW, Alexa Vega of Spy Kids and Sleepover was also born in 1988. Let's call other colleges and pretend to be her. I almost refuse to believe she's only three years younger than me. That's insane. I will not look at the class of 2010 as real people, but only as mini-tweens who steal their parents' electric cars.

Also, imagine Haley Joel in a senior thesis film? WHAT!?!