15 May 2005

Tweens & Tunes

Normally, I'd wait to talk about the Lohan until later in my entries. You know...make it the climax of my entry. In this case, I'm absolutely shocked. Lindsay and Nicole Richie are looking ATROCIOUSLY thin. Now her head looks too big for her body, and the hair is terrible. Whatever...I'm officially converted to a Michelle Trachtenberg lover. She's grown up a lot since being Nona on Pete & Pete. Hilary Duff is even looking better than Lindsay these days. Oh, by the way...who's excited for the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen!?! Realistically, I'm less excited about the Shrek movies becoming a trilogy...especially a trilogy with Justin Timberlake involved. I am, however, excited about Justin Timberlake playing "Jack's bad boyfriend" on Will & Grace.

My favorite caption to the Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie picture taken from the Best Week Ever blog...
"I'd still bone eiter of them..."
All I have to say is that at least Britney is letting loose for us.

It's not the Kidz Bop video, but it's pretty good. Kelly Clarkson's video for "Behind These Hazel Eyes" just popped out of the oven recently. The song itself is no "Since U Been Gone", but it has just as much womanly angst. Also, she goes crazy in this video too! This is also the best thing ever. I think everyone should make this little Asian boy their desktop. Seriously. I did and now I have an army of small identical Asian boys in yellow shirts pumping their fists. OH, Justin also made a music file of the Kidz Bop version of "Since U Been Gone". Check it out here. I know rapidshare is a bitch, but if you click the free download, wait around a minute, a link should appear to download the file.

OK, so I think the best news I've heard recently is that Jenny Lewis, from Rilo Kiley/back-up vocals for The Postal Service, is recording a solo album.

Hey Star Wars dorks! Check this out. It's actually pretty impressive.

GOD, Elijah Wood is SOOOOO Gay. This is a pretty funny website. Make sure to check out the photos.

I don't know if this is for real. There are a lot of family photos so I assume so. For all you Riding the Bus with my Sister enthusiasts, here is Rosie O'Donnell's online photo album...oh, and here is her blog!

I know I've said before that I'm going to hate Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because of Johnny Depp, and I might. With that said, now that I've seen the TV commercial I have faith that at least the colors will be visually fantastic.

Damnit! We all missed ORGASM DAY!

If you're as much of a wanna-be tween as I am, don't forget to vote for the MTV Video Music Awards! You gotta make it happen for Mean Girls! OH, and Will Smith is nominated for best male actor in Hitch. I didn't even see the movie, but I know I made the right decision by voting for him. Twice.

Given the large amount of news on sophomore albums, I figured I'd put this all in one place.

Ok. I'm behind. This news is actually from January...but can I tell you now non-sarcastically excited I am about Lauryn Hill's sophomore solo album? Also...there's news that a Fugees reunion will actually happen. This is me. Shitting my pants. Shitty McPants-alot. Kanye West is producing at least two songs on the album. In other Kanye related news, he's set to work with John Mayer on his sophomore album. A preview of John Mayer musically canoodling with Kanye West is featured in my Tunes section, off of Common's new album. In other news, I'm also actually excited about Kelly Osbourne's sophomore LP. She admitted that the first one sucked a lot. Why the hell am I excited though? Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes produced most of the album, entitled Sleeping in the Nothing (a reference to one of my favorite movies, The Neverending Story). The title refers to Kelly doing a whole lot of drugs or something like that. Regardless, I probably won't actually buy this album since the first single sucks. That's not what's important. Linda Perry basically worked with Gwen Stefani to create some of the best 80s-esque dance songs on Love Angel Music Baby, including "What You Waiting For?" By the way, Gwen Stefani is set to release her sophomore solo album by this Christmas! She'll be recording with Pharrell Williams again, which means we may get more songs of the dance party caliber of "Hollaback Girl".


Since I figure most people only glanced over my epic post, I decided this song needed a repost. Since posting it nearly five thousand people (read: actually two) came up to me dropping their jaws and proclaiming its greatness. The funny part is...it was just someone's science project.
Ethan Leinwand & Andrew Vanwyngarden- Supervolcano!

Since Mascara played it, I can't help but think "Just What I Needed" sounds great with a female vocalist. Here is a cover.
Damone- Just What I Needed (The Cars cover)

Gwen Stefani's album "Love Angel Music Baby" for those of you that don't have it. Non-single tracks to look out for- Bubble Pop Electric, Serious, Cool

M.I.A. performed "Galang" live on Jimmy Kimmel. Get it here.
Here's a mash-up of M.I.A. I like...Uraqt in the Ladies Room

The aforementioned sucky song by Common/Kanye/John Mayer.
Common f/ Kanye West & John Mayer- Go

Finally, if you haven't heard Ben Gibbard from The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie covering Avril Lavigne, get on that!
Ben Gibbard- Complicated (live Avril Lavigne cover)

God I really want a pizza,
Joe John


Justin said...

It's weird that you said that about Charlie, because I saw that ad on VH1 earlier and thought to myself "Weird. This movie looks like it's in Technicolor." I think this means we're twins or something.

Philip Burchett said...

hey man,

im a huge the management fan and i think your blog is sick. i just stumbled across this volcano song and its great, thanks for posting. i tried dling the other mgmt stuff but i couldnt. could you help me out? ive got there ep from cantora. also, are you friends with these guys, and if not how did you get a hold of this stuff. the email is philip.burchett@gmail.com. thanks man.