17 May 2005

Dance Magic Dance

I hate to steal Katie's glory, but I was inspired to make a post that was...


Stereogum just posted some songs by "new bands" that I knew about over a month ago. I swear I'm not just saying that to be obnoxious, but it kind of frustrates me that I blog better than professionals sometimes.

This has been my secret dancing in my room alone in the mirror song...
33hz-Crazy All the Time

OH, and clearly that isn't sufficient evidence for them cramping my style, but this is. I discovered The Sun way before them...and even provided you all with their entire album to download.
The Sun- Must Be You (posted by stereogum)
and my personal favorites...
The Sun- Lost at Home
The Sun- Waiting on High
Get the entire album Blame it on the Youth HERE.

I do, however, have stereogum to thank for bringing The Changes to my life. They've changed my life. ::bad pun:: Ages ago, stereogum posted their song, Modern Love (Hilary Duff version), and I flipped a shit over it. Not only was it funny the first couple of times I listened to it, but the song behind the narration was great! Bitchin! Well, now The Changes are getting all famous on Lollapalooza, but you can still download some of their songs off their website.
The Changes- When I Wake
The Changes- Not Too Serious
The Changes- Now I Know
The Changes- When I Sleep
The Changes- Why Did You Wait So Long?
The Changes- Her, You, & I
The Changes- If I Tried

We could totally be better than stereogum with we had money and didn't have to go to college.

Help! I'm a fish,
Joe John

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