08 May 2005

Call your moms! It's Mother's Day!

Readers, please do not be alarmed by our lack of posting. It is reading week here at Wesleyan, which means that everyone is either partying or sleeping. A regularly-updated TotesUmbies will return post-exams. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Though before I go back to work (read: staring at my textbooks while chatting online and wondering why the weather wants me to become suicidal), I'll alert you to some important goings-on outside the metaphorical Wesleyan gates.

For some reason I get the BU Alumni e-newsletter. Most likely b/c they realize that I'm too school for school. Anyway, this article left me wondering two things:
1. Why do we not get MTVu
2. Why is BU cooler than us? They have Republicans and The Big Dig, for God's sake!

Microsoft loves the gays....or at least thinks they shouldn't get taxed without representation and crap like that. Because of this, The Christian Right (caps make them seem scarier) plans to boycott the company...I'd be more conviced if this weren't impossible. God, even my microwave runs Windows.

The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire teaser is online! Watch it now and forever! My only complaint is that I wish they didn't show the kids "growing up," b/c it just makes me realized how ugly Ron has become. Get a haircut, dude.

If I were this teacher I'd be pissed. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is going to make over her (what? I'm old fashioned) wardrobe and....her classroom? Sucks to be her, b/c after this show's over and done she'll be left with a designer classroom and a shitastic house.

And last, but not least: Jennifer Garner's pregnant. Sometimes I feel like this site is turning into a maternity watch. Anyway, maybe the kid with get its mom's genes....and have a successful career.

I like piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain,


xtina said...

hey justin, riddle me this: why don't we get MTVu2? does just thinking about it give you a Bon(o)er. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Justin It upsets me that when there is one comment it says "1 comments." Please fix that. thanks. -Keera

Katey Rich said...

Xtina you need to stop liking U2 so much. Seriously. It's weird.

p.s. I am gay with Brian.

ben said...

I just pissed myself at the idea of a microwave running Windows.

It really is ENTIRELY impossible to boycott Microsoft unless you plan on not using comoputers.

m-almostdonewithfinals-ell said...

Unless you use Appleworks...which sucks to your assmar.

Anonymous said...

hey justin
I'd like to get in touch with you.
I run an indie record label in the UK - you've mentioned one of our artists 'Envelopes', who we obviously think are great, and so I wanted to find out a bit more about you.
email me at leo@brillemusic.com please, I will explain more.