06 April 2005


Wow, I'm slackin'. I totally forgot iTunes New Music Tuesday! I guess you'll just have to settle for iTunes One Day Old Music Wednesday:

For all you lazy hipsters out there who hate investigating new bands on your own, Music from The O.C. Mix 4 has a nice sampling of kinda-old-and-less-cool-b/c-of-it indie rock.

iTunes now has the Smashing Pumpkins catalogue! Yah, what's-his-face has the worst voice EVER, but it's still one of my fav 90s bands.

Why are there 9 remixes of Fantasia's "It's All Good"? No remix could make this song better. Why bother? Speaking of Fantasia, I wonder if she ever got that shoe fixed...

Everyone should buy "Incomplete" by the Backstreet Boys just because it's fun to look at the album art and ponder how long it'll be before they all get run over. J-walking is a terrible thing.

iTunes SparkNotes:
Elevator- Hot Hot Heat
anything Smashing Pumpkins!!
Music from the O.C. Mix 4

Don't Get:
Now What- Lisa Marie Presley
"It's All Good" (Remixes)- Fantasia
"Incomplete" -Backstreet Boys
Extraordinary Faith: Celebrating 10 Years- Women of Faith


katie b said...

also the ozone video is finally up today and it pretty much describes how my soul feels whenever i hear that song.

Anonymous said...

justin. crossing the line. billy corgan does NOT have the so-called worst voice ever. i shall refrain from reading your blog slash stalking you from this point henceforward. oh wait, just kidding.

Justin said...
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Justin said...

I'm such a loser! How could I not have mentioned videos?! Well, everyone must see Ozone's "Dragostea Din Tai" video per Katie's comment. But also you have to watch My Chemical Romance's "Helena" video. Shut up, hipster-ass, they're good, and this video rocks! Watch it. Now.

And, anonymous commenter, that's creepy. Now I have to watch my back.

Anonymous said...

dude. dissing billy corgan? not cool.