02 April 2005

Weekend Upd8

Remember Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards? You know, that weird award show where people get slimed? It used to be hosted by Rosie Odonnell before she came out, remember? Well, tonight's 18th Annual Kids Choice Awards will not only feature Will Smith performing something from Lost And Found (YES!), but also Hillary Duff, as she tries to become famous by relation.

In Canadian news, Neil Young had to cancel his performance at Canada's Juno Awards (like the Grammys but with more Mounties), because he had to have brain surgery. What a pussy.

See, kids! I told you that Bewitched was going to be a movie within a movie (well, actually it's a TV show within a movie, but "movie within a movie" sounds better). Too bad that Nicole Kidman can't wiggle her nose to save her life.

J.L.S. Cover
Like Britney, only chubbier.

Jamie Lynn Spears is on the cover of this month's Girls' Life Magazine. But can we please discuss the fine journalism at GL? I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and read "My BFF Is Amazing!" Obviously, this is the poor man's (read: girl's) version of Boys' Life. Yes, I was a boy scout. No, I don't want to talk about it.

I always had a hunch that Penelope Cruz was crazy, but now I know fo' sho'. About her new movie SAHARA, Cruz commented, "After training for a long time I really became friends with my camel and I would talk to him and he would answer." Sure he would, and Tom Cruise likes women.

Katie B. saw the Gawker woman on VH1's The Fabulous Life of Celebrity Couples, proving once again that this blog is our ticket to clip-show fame.


katie b said...

Jesse says Jamie Lynn is now a cast member on All That?! All That still exists?! They let her be on it?!

must research.

Katey Rich said...

I'm working on being able to tell who's posting before I get to the end. I haven't learned how yet. The end.

j. low said...

I want to hear about jamie lynn's "personal stuff" that she's sharing, it sounds like she's going to be talking about feminine hygiene products

Melonater said...

jamie lynn is totally a cast member on all that AND she was in a Good Burger sketch! (yes, Good Burger still exists) and Britney made a cameo in the sketch. It was mind numbingly stupid.

notjesslane said...

hello it has been raining on my head for like three days and i need a totes umbrellas.