28 April 2005

Wahoo for tunes up the wazoo!

Yesterday was a New Music Wednesday on iTunes, but I'm not about to touch that since it's Justin's territory...instead, I'm going to bombard you with MP3s, and provide a very informative post about world news on a later date.

I've divided the music into two separate categories, just because I had a lot of hip-hop related stuff this week. Please at least scroll to the bottom and take a look at the Kelis video.

PART 1- Dirrty Pop and Rock

I was in love with this song within the first couple of seconds. I hope you fall in love with it too.
The Good Life- Lovers Need Lawyers

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with this bad spoken word bio of Hilary Duff that was over a really addictive tune. Then, Lollapalooza featured the band who released it on their line-up. While this excited me, I knew there was no way I was going to go to Lollapalooza. This made me sad because I love Death Cab more than Seth Cohen of the O.C. and not so secretly still love Dashboard Confessional like it's my job.
The Changes- Modern Love (Hilary Duff version)
I later became obsessed with this less-ironic tune.
The Changes- When I Wake
It's apparently getting play on KEXP, which excites me to almost the degree of a boner. For more tunes from The Changes, check out their site.

Remember my mention of Architecture in Helsinki? No. Ok, well if you haven't...I just want to say that I've fallen in love with their music. I even abused my wirehog but not facebook friendship with Max Goldblatt to have a listen to one of their earlier albums. Later, I realized that the album was available for download by EVERYONE!

So, Katie mentioned Sufjan a little earlier...I highly recommend his music for anyone in the world. If you're not even a little Sufjan-curious, you should be. Here's a little bit to get your feet wet and ready for the Illinois album to be released this summer.
Sufjan Stevens- Chicago

I think that Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" is underrated. Here is an amazing acoustic cover of it.
Evan Dando- How Will I Know

So some of you may have remembered Garbage's album being released a few weeks ago. Well, if you were at all curious about the sound of Garbage nowadays, here are three songs from the new album. If you don't care about Garbage much, then move past GO and collect $200.
Garbage- Run Baby Run
Garbage- Boys Wanna Fight
Garbage- It's All Over But the Crying

PART 2- Blazin' Hip-Hop & R&B

Once upon a time, Black Eyed Peas were Fergie-free and made enjoyable hip-hop music. Then they sold out. I know a lot of people may criticize me for holding this opinion, but they were in the same league as The Roots at one time. Yes, I believe The Roots are a respectable hip-hop act that stay true to themselves. But after hearing "Don't Phunk with My Heart" on iTunes, I do not believe that The Peas are. Whatevs! Have a listen to BEP before they got lame.
Black Eyed Peas- Joints and Jams
Black Eyed Peas- Fallin Up

M.I.A. remixes surprisingly almost never suck. This is no exception to that rule.
M.I.A. vs. Little Computer People- Bucky Done Gone Electro

Ok, so this actual song isn't a hip-hop song, but it's a cover of one...and it holds it's own without the ironic value and the original song to boot...which is saying a lot because I really don't like The Vines that much.
The Vines- Ms. Jackson (Outkast "cover")

So word on the street is that RJD2 was all up in Psi U's grill...and by grill I mean house. RJD2 was also all up in Tweet's grill. If you forgot who Tweet is, she's the singer of "Oops...Oh My!", a masturbation anthem that should not be forgotten. RJD2 did a remix of her new song. This is the remix. Of that song.
Tweet f/Missy Elliott- Turn Da Lights Off (RJD2 remix)

Speaking of Missy...her album release is way too far away. I think it's June 28th...Luckily for us, the internet leaks things like whoa and a half.
Missy Elliott f/ Pharrell- On and On

Speaking of Pharrell, he produces a lot of songs with Chad Hugo. Remember when I was talking about how people will actually listen to Ol' Dirty Bastard's new album? I think this is evidence. Get the police!...because this song is holding hostages on the dancefloor.
ODB f/ Pharrell & Clipse- Operator

Speaking of ODB, his single "Get Your Money" featured Kelis way before her first of three albums came out. That's right. If you didn't know Kelis had two albums before "Milkshake", you don't even know Kelis. This song was from her first album. I was obsessed with the original in 8th grade, mostly because of the INSANE video. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK AND WATCH THE VIDEO FOR "Get Along with You"! It's better than I remember. In Milkshake, Kelis gets all sexy, but the video for this song is dark...and much more visually spectacular (though there's less boobage).
Kelis- Get Along With You (Fake ID remix)

Turn that shit up and play it again,
Joe John


Max said...

Yeah, what up with the wirehog but not facebook deal?

Katey Rich said...

Put it in the burn book, Max. If I knew where the burn book was.

katie b said...

all 72 glorious minutes of sufjan are now on my wirehog omg.

p.s. i remember that vines cover getting a lot of radio play maybe 2 summers ago. worst ever.

notjesslane said...

THE BURN BOOK IS MISSING!?@!? You should get the Love Detectives on the case...

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mell said...

I like that Vines cover! HHHHAnyway, of course my fav is the The Changes song b/c I love all things Hills.

Justin, someday (in May...that rhymes) you will have to explain wirehog to me