05 April 2005

Top of the Pops

Happy Belated Krfao Day! (It was yesterday). I have no idea what this holiday entails, but it has the coolest, most unpronounceable name ever! And no, I didn't trip and face-plant on the keyboard. That's actually its real name.

And since it's such a glorious day, let's see who we should be celebrating, shall we?

Thomas "I'm no stuffed tiger, yo" Hobbes (1588), Colin "my first name makes fun of itself" Powell (1937), and Pharrell "out of this world" Williams (1973)

Howard "TWA Flight 800" Hughes (1976) and Kurt "Teen Spirit" Cobain (1994)

Want to smack that douche in your Econ class who pops his collar? Think all Wesgirls are fugly? Are you a member of only 998 Facebook groups and want to hit the big 1-k? Then this Wespeak is for you, my friend!

Maybe if I dress in tin foil kids will like me. Kids like tin foil.

Eww! Michael Jackson used to shack up with the help['s little boy]! So not classy. Anyway, the kid would visit MJ at his Hollywood apartment to watch cartoons. "During these times, he testified, Jackson would tickle him, innocently at first, but eventually less so when he was around 6 or 7 years old." Get with the program, kid. 6 or 7 is like totally legal nowadays. Stupid-ass prude.

Speaking of kiddies, Britney's got one of the way (maybe). Better yet, the kid-to-be's got a blog! My big question is why I can't get WiFi in Olin's periodicals room, but this fetus' got it in Brit's uterus. Priorities, people.

Ever wondered how cool you are? How much sex appeal you have? If people think your nose is too big? Well, if you're a celebrity, Q Scores has the 411. I wish they'd call me up for my opinion. I just watched VH1's All Access: Paris Hilton, and I've got a few things to say.

Aww, cute. Steve Madden Ltd. is getting pumped up about Steve's return....FROM PRISON! Whatevs. It's been done before. April's issue of Martha Stewart Living, anyone? Oh. Ok. I guess I'm the only housewife here.

And now for the remix!

I always do this. My favorite track on the album becomes the single (or at least the second single). I did it with The Killers, and now I'm doing it with Bloc Party. Ugh, stuff like this makes me feel so un-hipster.
"This Modern Love (Dave P & Adam Sparkles Making Time Remix)" -Bloc Party

"Goodies" + M.I.A. = euphoria
"Goodies (Richard X Remix)" -Ciara feat. M.I.A.

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Joe John said...

Dude, we gotta keep track of Fetus Spears' life!...or pre-life.