14 April 2005

Since when did I become popular!?!

Wow, I got a lot of feedback from members of the blogosphere on that last entry...

I'd just like to publicly apologize for calling ben lame. I'm actually quite a fan of his blog! I think we should give him a link spot in the side panel...and the right to call us lame if he ever wants to.

I'd have to agree that MTV's Hip-Hopera "Carmen" was MONUMENTAL. When else would you get to see Beyonce, Mos Def, Wyclef Jean, Da Brat, Rah Diggah, and that guy from Save the Last Dance...all in one movie!?! Hip-hop and OPERA! Why didn't this concept catch on after that? I say we write our own hip-hopera at totesumbrellas...just WAIT...I promise it'll happen...even if I have to write it myself.


Mip Popera said...

Clearly you didn't watch the Making of Carmen: The Hip Hopera in which they said ass crack was the new cleavage. And then the stylist utilized this concept when costuming the Friends O' Beyonce.

And it was boring! I mean, I was anticipating it as much at the next jr. high MTV addict, but even I couldn't sit through it. It wasn't even a Hip Hopera, it was an R&Bopera! And Beyonce acting is not pretty. Read: Goldmember.

But I still love you guys, even if we do have different opinions on the art of the Hip Hopera

Katey Rich said...

I think, after this Hip Hopera business, Joe John and e-sarcasm need to break up for a while.