19 April 2005

A short post fo' all my shawties and hoes in different area codes...

Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives tells us that the best gift you can give your friends is an orgasm.

Speaking of orgasms, Lindsay Lohan wants to cum first. Ok, so the song "First" exclaims "I wanna come first!" multiple times...but I'm sure there's no sexual undertones to it. The song has replaced "Speak" as the third single off of her album...which is also called Speak. The single will also be the first single off the Herbie: Fully Loaded soundtrack. There were rumors previously that Lindsay was going to cover that 80s song "Life is a Highway" by some one-hit wonder guy. I don't like Lindsay as a blonde.

Alanis Morissette decides to rejuvenate her career by re-releasing the songs that made her famous.

Missy Elliott has a new album called The Cook Book. You can listen to clips of two new songs on her website. The album features Ciara, who is not a man, and never was.

Morrissey teapot anyone?

Mimi got emancipated and now she's knockin' 50 out of the number one spot!


Here's a demo by Franz Ferdinand that didn't make the album...
Franz Ferdinand-Can't Stop the Feeling

This song comes from a record label that pretty much sucks...but it's got a pretty amazing soul vibe. While it's reminiscent of Mo-town, I think I'd rather have Mo-town itself.
Jamie Lidell- Multiply

English people are weird...This song is by a 12 year-old singing about the imagination.
Ricky Wilde- I Am an Astronaut
(both of the last two courtesy of fluxblog)

I like this song...and this song title.
The Hypertonics- Don't Marry the One You Love, Marry the One Who Loves You
For a whole lot more songs by The Hypertonics, go here.

Can't get enough Colin Meloy? I know I can't. Download Tarkio. What I've listened to is incredible.
Tarkio- Sister Nebraska
Download the album here.

Go Here for a whole shitload of tracks from a live show by The Shins. Then go listen to The Garden State soundtrack you pansy.

Woman get me a beer, Beer get me a woman...
-Joe John

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