23 April 2005

She truly is a hero to fake blondes everywhere.

All you have to do to win a dream day with Lindsay Lohan is send Oprah a tape telling her HOW LINDSAY HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE. But you've only got a week! The only reason I'm even updating is so Joe John and Justin can get on this ASAP.

Also, congrats to Kimmy for making it into the top 30 for the next season of America's Next Top Model. The first episode is going to be fucking pandemonium around here. Not since Tyra's recent freak out has there been a better reason for all of campus to tune in at once.

I just found someone with every 'Six Feet Under' on the network so I'm out,

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Justin said...

Joe John doesn't know it yet, but we're submitting a tape together. We're gonna pretend to be twins (dress alike, complete each other's sentences, dye our hair red) and talk about how Lindsay's role in The Parent Trap changed our lives....for the better. It'll bring Oprah to tears.