20 April 2005

Home, is where I want to be

First, some Wesleyan Updates as best I can:

I am 100% positive that the headlining act for this year's Spring Fling extravanganza is Cee-lo. Or am I? Maybe it's actually Sonic Youth!! No really. It's true.

Thursday's Animal Collective show will be a barbecue-style event in the early evening behind Film House. Bring your own meat/meat substitutes, blankets, and love of sweet sweet freak folk. They'll be going on around 6:30 and finishing in time for the last senior cocktails of the year (wtf kind of a theme is "crazy sexy cool?")

Saturday = Chromeo, Eclectic, party time, get your dance on.

This weekend's 2nd Stage stizz:
Aunt Dan and Lemon, directed by Hallie Cooper-Novack. Thursday and Friday 8pm; Saturday at 6:30 in the '92.
The Waiting Place, a musical written and directed by Chelsea Landon (shout outs to Naomi, of course, as well as American Studies creative theses)
Friday 4 p.m., Saturday 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. in the '92.

Booth Haley, who you might know from such hits as "scaling the walls of the campus center" and "wearing the giant inner tube costume at the Management's thesis," NEEDS YOUR HELP. He stole a rare Falcon egg, was going to eat it, and now faces criminal charges. And you can buy the tshirt!!!!! "The funniest part of this whole thing is, it's not an unfertilized chicken egg. It's probably fertilized, which means he would have cracked it open to find a bird corpse!" -Russell Barlow

Also, mazel tov to Genevieve, whose birthday week was topped off by the Bat Mitzvah she never had / arguably the best dance party of the semester at 128 Pearl on Saturday. Highlights: electric slide, father-daughter dance, inflatable guitars/keytars/saxophones, a run of mashups the likes of which I've never heard, and everything I forgot about from 1999 (including "Fantasty," twice). Gratitude to DJ DIE Die Aynu and his yellow tuxedo shirt for (yet again) hanging out behind his powerbook for the good of the many.

Finally: 73 Home what! I could not be more thrilled about the doodz living on Home and Lawn Avenues next year. Shit is bumpin like I never thought possible. Half an hour after I got home, there was a facebook group. Get psyched ommmmgggg block parties. Quiet ones.

And now some other stuff:

Some dudes + costumes + live-action D&D = funniest 15 seconds of your life?

"Good Vibrations," a Beach Boys musical in the groundbreaking and artistically credible style of "Mamma Mia" and "Movin' Out," is closing after 3 months. Brian Wilson would be weeping in his grave, if he were dead, but he's not, but he probably wishes he was right about now.

Speaking of which, Tupac is going to stop releasing albums and narrating movies about his own life from beyond the grave, after this one last record. And by 'beyond the grave' we all know I mean some treehouse in Argentina with Jerry Garcia and JPII.

NEW POPE! Quick facts: German, 78 years old, funny looking. Real last name: RATZINGER. I look forward to a blessed 1-3 years.

I'm not going to apologize for the following things: having seen every episode of Gilmore Girls, having a crush on Bradley Whitford, and liking shitty movies that bring those two things together.

Inspired by yesterday's battle on the hill to decide who had the best cell phone ring version of "La La," here's a website where you can waste a few hours uploading pictures from your computer to your phone's wallpaper and changing your ring FOR FREE WOOO. Now I will pretend I am checking the time, but I will really be looking at Jean-Pierre Leaud circa 1962. Mmmmyes.

lightning bolt! lightning bolt! lightning bolt!,
katie b


nat Webb said...

Bradley Whitford is the rhythm guitarist for Aerosmith...

Katey Rich said...

I say, our first day on Home Ave. everyone house plays "Naive Melody" (or whatever that Talking Heads song you stole the title from is) REALLY LOUD. Then we get SJBed. Holler.

mellsterhood of the traveling pants said...

That movie looks surprisingly good. I heart the trailer, despite the fact that I hate Alexis Bledel and America Ferrera was in "Gotta Kick It Up A Notch" with that girl from "The Help."

Anonymous said...


Le sigh....

And can we al guess how much money Levi's forked over to ensure that the Traveling Pants in question were of said brand?

- Jesse