08 April 2005

Condie, Fran, and Jessica watch MTV Overdrive while Seth pretends to have testosterone

It's true that Condie should be celebrated. I mean, she's got the gap-teeth, the frumpy Chanel power suits, and a secret love affair with Dubya, but this is going too far.

As if it's not bad enough that we all have to see Paris Hilton in House of Wax (that's right, folks, it's mandatory), now she's got her own podcast. We get to "join Paris and friends as she shops, parties, poses and publicizes" before the big movie. Boy howdy, that's hot!

Did anyone notice the strangely-masculine moment at the beginning of The O.C. last night? Ya know, when all the men are in the kitchen talking about the possibility of Ryan and Marexa hooking up? What was that all about? Seth's not supposed to be masculine. He's supposed to only talk about comics, Penguin, and whiny indie rock. This show's going down hill fast.

Fran Drescher
A least she can't talk with a dick in her mouth

How would you like this lovely lady to go down on you? Well, Fran Drescher, a/k/a The Nanny, loves the cock. Furthermore she loves sucking on it....in class! Maybe it'll help her sinuses?

Are you so pumped about Jessica Simpson palying Daisy Duke that you'd endure 18 Newlyweds episodes in one sitting just for a sneak peek? Well, if you're really that lame, then you're probably lame enough to get excited about the Dukes of Hazzard trailer play-by-play.

As if MTV doesn't have enough channels, they've announced the addition of another one, but this time it's online. MTV Overdrive "will include six separate channels of programming including highlights of the day's programming, such as music, news and film trailers; exclusive, four-times-a-day news updates; behind-the-scenes access to original MTV television programming; a movies channel including film trailers and celebrity interviews; and, of course, plenty of music." It's set to launch on August 25th, just in time for someone to get me a subscription for my birthday. Thanks in advance!

Post Scriptum: Mean Girls party tomorrow night. It's an official Facebook party, y'all. Be there...unless you have a lot of feelings.

Post Post Scriptum: You clicked that Dukes of Hazzard link didn't you, lame-face!? Haha! Loser.

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Katey Rich said...

Listen, I have a lot of feelings, and I will be at that party, so eat me.