31 March 2005

I hate to be a blog-hog but...

Today's jams needed to be heard.

You may remember the most hilarious band name "I Hate You When You're Pregnant" from a previous entry...Well, today I bring you the best song name. Not only that, but I kind of like the song. It's a very chill, laid back jam. It kind of makes me want to make out despite the subject matter.
The Constellations- Let's Face it, Our Kids are Stupid

This is some British guy's new favorite band.
The Cribs- You Were Always the One
The Cribs- Another Number

Spoon isn't necessarily my favorite...but the tracks are here and I'm sharing them...because I'm such a good friend. (Mean Girls reference...can't f-ing wait for the party)
Spoon- The Delicate Place
Spoon- I Turn My Camera On
Gimme Fiction doesn't drop for a while...but until then we can always hear Spoon on The O.C.

This my ::holds index finger to mouth and dances with Japanese schoolgirls::,
Double J

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Nat Webb said...

The "Hollaback Girl" video is kind of horrible in a special way,