30 March 2005

Almost Famous

The Mean Girls party has been postponed to the weekend after this one, before Wesfest. The crew thinks we need more time to plan. I'm not going to spoil all the details, despite the extreme desire to do so...but there WILL be a burn book.

So, rumor has it that Wesleyan student Leon Hilton auditioned for the role of Damien (too gay to function) in Mean Girls. Obvi, he didn't get the part.

On the subject of Mean Girls, I watched it last night. I was reminded of an interview in which the producers said that they almost didn't cast Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian because she's too pretty. This is a picture of her from the premiere. DRASTIC hair and make-up changes for her character.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also heard that Wesleyan student Kingston Wong of New Group fame auditioned for American Idol. I know I would have voted for him...

Porn and frats don't mix. Phi Kappa Tau members at California State University learned this the hard way. No pun intended. No, seriously...that was not intended.

Kanye West to rap about burgers? We'll see. I mean, that will make him a Big Mac Daddy. ::facepalm:: Now that was an intentionally bad pun.

Avril Lavigne thinks all Asians are the same.

Can anyone explain to me why this band is featured on Fred Durst's label? I mean, I can't say they're brilliant but they're nowhere near Limp Bizkit-esque terrible. BTW...did you see his penis? I did. I quickly regretted clicking that link.

This isn't exactly THE latest news, but Brandon Flowers of The Killers is being sued by their ex-drummer who claims that he actually wrote "Mr. Brightside". Mr. Flowers also doesn't really think much of The Bravery. I mean, he talked a lot of smack about them at the end of this article. I'm sure they cried...a lot.

MP3 Time!

Speaking of The Killers, here is an unreleased demo...
The Killers- Replaceable

How British can you get???
The Streets f/ The Futureheads- Fit But Don't You Know It (Futureheads version)

This song is brilliance. Best thing I've heard since "Miracle Drug"...in no way better though.
Maximo Park- The Night I Lost My Head

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Justin said...

I can't sleep at night, b/c I'm so excited about the Mean Girls party.